Trilogy Brew

Chapter 3-Old Town Spring Location

CHAPTER 2-The Blue Giraffe


We Finally Found a Brick & Mortar!!!!

The story goes like this..... Levi Miller owner & operator of Project Junkeez had a job at The Haven Church in Old town Spring. As Levi finished up that job, Scott the pastor at The Haven asked Levi," Whats 'that coffee thing that Airrion is doing?" (side note-Scott and Airrion are old friends) Levi explained that he was also a owner/partner with Airrion, Gabe and Michael in this business we called Trilogybrew.

Scott stated that he would love to partner with us and have his church turn into a coffee shop during the week. At that point we all started to dream of how we could do Beer, coffee and wine in at The Haven. As we looked around for a way to make this happen, Levi called our buddy Chris George(our coffee distributor) at Geva coffee. Chris mentioned servicing at  a place a few doors down that may be selling and the rest is history. We ran over to the Blue Giraffe and started negotiations with Rhonda Scwhob and now we are currently at the Blue Giraffe. Scott and the Haven still have a special place in our hearts and we will continue to partner with them for some special events.

Come by and see us...

...Music, Food, Craft Beer, Wine, Conversation, Community!!!



.........and then there was COFFEE!!!!!

After long nights, 16hr days, fights, arguments, high fives and evil stares while working through our weekends on this trailer......we have finally built and completed the Coffee Vessel.......shout..... oh yeah!!!! Trilogybrew is ready to come out and serve you some great coffee.

Our launch date is this Friday, 3/24/17 at  CO-WORK   launch party and Charity event.  So you know what you need to do, right? Bring your friends, family loved ones and enemies out and lets have a great time together. We will be supporting some great charities as well as local owned business and did I mention COFFEE from TRILOGYBREW!!! Thanks to all the support from friends and family who have lend their ear, shoulder and even expertise to make our dream a reality. Big thanks to Project Junkeez for building a beautiful these guys for any home or remodel needs. Well people I will see you all Friday night, come by the trailer and say Hi.


Oh building….. Oh building….. Where are you?

So we have been trying to find the “perfect location”. We have looked at the woodlands, spring, old town spring, Rayford/Sawdust, 99 and many others.

We are looking for that destination spot, that is accessible and in close proximity to the nearby neighborhoods of Spring/The Woodlands Texas area. We will keep you posted once we have our funding, and location. We are so excited to engage our community by serving great food & drinks.


So its been a while…but we’ve been busy…seriously…lol. We have been enjoying the dreaded process of RESEARCH!!!!! Yes, that means we have talked numbers to death, had many late night meetings, tons of market research, and spent many hours at other successful establishments. So we  have tried all kinds of craft beer, pastries, dinner meals, and coffee concoctions from many nearby restaurants in our area as well as down in Houston, TX. Who knew research would be so fun. We cant wait to bring our passion and research to our community here in the Spring/Woodlands, TX area.